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How to make an above average poster

- By Helle Krogh Pedersen & Ulrich Johan Kudahl

This page is dedicated to help beginners and poster virgins make a decent presentation of their science. The goal of the guide is to help getting the poster to up to a solid design level and avoid some of the common mistakes. The guide is made up of a mix of general advise, specific do's and don'ts and an example of how to transform the poster from mix of text and bad figures to a streamlined design, where scientific content and design is incorporated.

The guide is based on Microsoft Powerpoint. The last part of the manual contains screenshots showing basic funtions in Powerpoint that are needed to make a poster. The guide is design help both PC and Mac users. The guide is available both as .pptx and .pdf.

The resulting poster from the guide is both include in the guide, but is also available as a seperate file(in both .pdf and .pptx). You are welcome to use the poster as a template for you own poster.

We have gathered the four files in this zip file, but you can also find the individual files here: Link

This guide is not specific for Biotech or Systems Biology, but can be used for all scientific posters.

Since we are always looking to improve our guide, we demand that you send your feedback if you have any suggestions, critique or just want to tells us you like the guide.

You can send feedback to: Helle Krogh Pedersen( or Ulrich Johan Kudahl(

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