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Introduction to Systems Biology (NEW: bachelor course)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This is the main page for the NEW "Introduction to Systems Biology" course, which ran for the first time in spring 2013.

Network example: Protein-Protein interaction network for biomarkers involved in depression - Larsen & Wernersson, 2012.

About the course

The "Introduction to Systems Biology" course is a Bachelor level course aiming at:

  • Teaching a conceptual introduction to the core of Systems Biology.
  • Having a very large focus on Network Biology, including hands-on experience on how to work with, and critically interpret biological networks.
  • All teaching will be very closely related to actual biology.
  • We will work with examples of how the Systems Biology approach can be applied to biomedical research, and help find new biomarkers and potential drug targets.
  • The students will learn how to use the biological networks as a scaffold for more refined analyses using data integration (e.g. filtering the network using tissue-specific expression, or mapping in protein meta data).

Course organizer: Rasmus Wernersson (; ; Aron C. Eklund (

Lecture plan



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