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Microbiology Breakfast Talks at DTU

The Microbiology Breakfast Talks at DTU represent an initiative to foster collaboration, coordination, and mutual inspiration between all the different microbiology research teams within DTU and other institutions. The talks will provide an interactive and informal forum for discussing science relevant to the area of microbiology and will provide a platform for fostering inter-departmental and inter-institutional collaborations.

DTU is home to the largest and most diverse group of microbiologists in Denmark. Approximately 400 employees from DTU Systems Biology, Aqua, Food, Vet, and Environment carry out research in this field. Activities closely integrated or relevant to microbiology are also found at Risø DTU, DTU Informatics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Nanotech. These groups constitute a platform that has the potential to be the basis of numerous successful interuniversity collaborations.

The Microbiology Breakfast Talks are a joint DTU initiative which is funded by the institutes Systems Biology, Vet and Food.

Why should you attend

  • To learn about and discuss interesting science
  • To interact with your colleagues working within microbiology
  • To initiate collaborations with groups across different departments at DTU as well as outside institutions
  • To get a free breakfast

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